An Experiment

Posted: 22/03/2010 in Announcements

Apologies loyal readers for the lapse in blogging. New job.

Anyway, this week I thought I’d attempt to get as close to live blogging as the constraints of free WordPress will allow, by opening a draft post and recording my immediate response throughout the film, then posting/publishing immediately afterwards.

I have already tried chronological/scene-by-scene response as I watched Love In Thoughts, but the eventual post a couple of weeks later was tempered with hindsight and edited for perspective and accuracy. This time I will perform only a brief technical edit (so please be  forgiving of what I suspect will be a higher-than-average rate of  typos and grammatical confuscation), any early misconceptions in my reading of the film will have to stand.

If it works well and this post  receives good ratings [N.B. Please rate posts, even if you don’t comment!  Sx] the ‘live response’ may become a regular Silver Lining feature. Let me know your thoughts :j

Solo x

  1. Solo says:

    This plan was somewhat hampered by iPlayer suddenly and prematurely deleting the film from my hard drive.

    A new film will be selected and blogged in the near future.

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