[Insert film-related reference with regards: resuming normal service]

Posted: 27/07/2011 in A List!, Announcements
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I have laptop, I have weeks and weeks of handwritten blog notes, I have a lack of gainful employment. Normal service will resume shortly. I have also enlisted reluctant but talented guest bloggers. It has been cloudy, loyal readers, but soon, once again, ye shall seek the Silver Lining and it shall be found!

The best films I have seen in my absence were as follows:

                • Victor/Victoria (Aaall about the B#)
                • Standing Still (my justification)
                • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
                • I’ve Loved You So Long
                • Mysterious Skin (second saddest film I’ve ever seen)
                • Unstoppable (no,really- it’s well made!)
                • Brothers (The American remake)

The worst was probably Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Beautiful Girls. Tawdry, self-indulgent cack. But the former makes very poor use of rich source material.


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