What’s It All About?


As you will have gathered, this is a special interest film blog, with an academic slant. I hope in time it will provide  an archive and resource for students of Film, but Silver Lining should always be accessible for anyone with an interest in the medium.

I hold a degree in English Language and Film Studies and a number of forthright opinions, which adequately qualify me to hold forth in assured fashion via the beacon of truth and accuracy that is free blogging.

I really want to hear what people think, about the topics discussed, about my opinions and writing, about what should be appearing on Silver Lining. Everything! This is an open court so please divulge all relevant cogitations forthwith. Don’t hesitate to comment on old posts either, I keep track of anything posted on the site and will respond in due  course.

If you’d like to be blogrolled just leave me a  little message and I shall pay your site a visit.

Thank you for coming by, and for taking this much interest in Silver Lining and, by extension, in me. I trust it has been a worthwhile diversion from whatever you were supposed to be doing.

Welcome, Enjoy and I hope this site helps you find the silver lining in your cinematic cloud… or something to that effect.

Solo x


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